Buying a house may be the most significant and largest purchase you will ever make, and real estate contracts can sometimes be very hard to read for the average person. It also involves the law of real property, which is unique and raises issues and problems that are not obvious to those outside the legal field.

Khashmati and Associates, P.C., knows how to deal with these issues and problems.  We represent clients during the purchase or sale of residential or commercial real estate, including cooperative apartments, single-family houses and condominiums.

We can assist you with all of your real estate needs, including but not limited to:

  • Draft or Review Residential Real Estate Contracts
  • Draft or Review Commercial Real Estate Contracts
  • Property Sales
  • Property Purchases
  • Preparing Deeds
  • Preparing Mortgages
  • Preparing Promissory Notes
  • For Sale by Owner Transactions
  • Draft or Review Residential Leases
  • Draft or Review Commercial Leases
  • Advising Real Estate Investors
  • Zoning and Land Use Matters
  • Short Sales
  • Foreclosures
  • Compliance with Municipalities
  • Commercial Retail Space Leasing
  • Commercial Office Leasing

On the other side of the fence, being a landlord can also bring up unexpected problems with tenants renting or leasing a property, from lease negotiations to possible evictions. We have experience helping property owners navigate these problems and come to resolutions that are good for both the property owner and the tenant.

We can help landlords with all of their legal needs, including but not limited to:

  • Lease negotiations
  • Claiming Unpaid Rent
  • Illegal Subletting of Property
  • Evictions

Khashmati and Associates, P.C., can provide you with advice and guidance from the time you decide to sell or buy a house until the actual closing, we also offer help to landlords who may have a problem tenant.  Call us at 516-717-4757 to schedule a consultation.


Khashmati and Associates, P.C., handles all immigration matters. Call us to schedule a consultation.


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